Help Center / What should I do if I fail the exam?

Once an Authorization to Test (ATT) is granted, it is valid for one (1) year from the date our office received your application. You may reapply through the National Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website as many times as necessary without submitting a duplicative payment or application to the Board office within that one (1) year timeframe. Should you not pass the examination(s) within the one-year timeframe, you would need to submit a
new application and the application fee of $100 to the Board office.

Please note that pursuant to NABP policy, the waiting period is 45 days between attempts for the NAPLEX and 30 days between attempts for the MPJE.

To retake the NAPLEX and MPJE examinations, candidates must begin the application process again through the NABP, not Florida Board of Pharmacy, website. This process includes paying the application and examination fees to the NABP.

Eligibility must be reconfirmed by the Florida Board of Pharmacy and candidates must adhere to the NABP established waiting periods.