Pharmacy Permits

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Current licenses expire at midnight, Eastern Time, on February 28, 2017

Delinquent licenses that expired on February 28, 2017 become null and void on August 29, 2017.

Important Dates 

Current License Expiration 02/28/2017

Renewal Expiration 02/28/2017

Renewing AFTER the Renewal Period

(March 1, 2013 through August 29, 2015)

Active to Active $355.00 

If you are adding or removing a status, such as paying a delinquency fee or changing a license status please see the fee schedules included with your renewal notice or contact Medical Quality Assurance Call Center at (850) 488-0595 press 3, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

At least 90 days before your license expires, the department will mail you a renewal notification postcard to your last known mailing address of record. You will have until midnight on the day your license expires to renew. Failure to renew an active license by the expiration date will result in the license being placed in delinquent status. Failure by a delinquent licensee to renew within six months of the expiration of the current licensure cycle renders the license null and void without any further action by the board or the department.

You may RENEW ONLINE if:
  • You have a credit card/debit card to complete the transaction.
  • If you are renewing your license after the expiration date and your status still indicates ’Clear/Active’ you will be assessed a delinquency fee. The delinquency fee will be in addition to your renewal fees.
  • If your license is ‘Delinquent, Active, it will be moved to ‘Null and Void’ status after six months of the license becoming delinquent and you should contact your board office for further instructions.
Instructions for Renew Online:
  • Click the “Renew Online” button above.
  • Enter your user name and password
    • Please note your user ID and password were mailed with your renewal notification.
    • If you are having trouble accessing your account, please try the alternate login process, located at the bottom of the login screen.
    • If you require further assistance, please contact the MQA Communication Center at 850-488-0595.
  • Click “Renew License” from the column on the left hand side of the page.

After logging in to the renewal system, licensees will be prompted to answer a series of questions and required to provide certain information, if appropriate. The renewal process typically takes 10-15 minutes and licensees pay their renewal fee by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover when they are done.


You may RENEW BY MAIL if:
  • You need to pay using a cashier’s check or money order.
  • You do NOT have a credit card/debit card to complete the transaction.

Certified check or money order should be made payable to the Florida Department of Health

Renewing DURING the Renewal Period
(March 1, 2015 through August 29, 2015)

Renewal Fee$255.00


Renewing AFTER the Renewal Period

Delinquent Renewal Fee$355.00

Delinquent licenses go Null & Void1 6 months after the expiration date.


 1Null & Void -The licensee failed to renew their licensure status within six months of becoming delinquent, resulting in their license expiring.

There are no Continuing Education requirements for pharmacy permits.

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Florida Statute

Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 465: Pharmacy
Section 465.008: Renewal of License
Section 465.022: Pharmacys: general requirements; fees.

Florida Administrative Code

Rule 64B16-26.1022: Permit Fees