Special Testing Accommodations

The Department of Health will provide reasonable and appropriate special testing accommodations due to disability, religious conflict, or English as a second language (ESL). Please note, accommodations for ESL are only for Mental Health Counselors and Electrologist.

Special Testing Accommodations

In accordance with section 64B-1.005, Florida Administrative Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Department of Health will provide reasonable and appropriate testing accommodations to individuals with documented disabilities or religious conflict who demonstrate a need for accommodation and complete the required application.

Applications for special testing accommodations are processed through the Operational Support Services Section as a separate requirement from the licensure examination application process.

NOTE: Candidates who request testing accommodations must also have a completed licensure examination application on file with their profession’s board office.

Special testing accommodation application forms may be downloaded from this page or received via mail by contacting the Operational Support Services Section. Please do not send any documentation unless it pertains directly to the testing accommodation request (e.g., transcripts, licensure information, payment, etc.)

Download the Application for Special Testing Accommodations. (pdf)

Medical documentation in support of an accommodation request is required and shall be used by department medical consultants to independently assess the reported condition for purposes of authorizing appropriate accommodations. Documentation should include a detailed report of evaluation completed by a licensed psychologist or physician addressing the following:

  • Clinical history or copies of ongoing treatment records;
  • Description of current functional restrictions in the daily activities;
  • Differential diagnostic considerations, ruling out alternative explanations as substance abuse, prescription side effects, treatable physical conditions;
  • Documentation of the signs and symptoms that support the diagnosis;
  • Response to treatment, with assessment of residual signs and symptoms.

Download the Information Booklet  for Special Testing Accommodations.

Candidates who have previously received special testing accommodations for a Department of Health licensure examination and need accommodation for another examination attempt must submit a reapplication with the Operational Support Services Section.

Download the Reapplication for Special Testing Accommodations. (pdf)

Download the ADA Application DH-MQA 4000. (pdf)

Special Testing Accommodations Due To Religious Conflicts

Special Testing Accommodations Due To Religious Conflicts

Modification to reporting times or alternate test dates may be requested by candidates who, due to their religious beliefs, cannot attend the examination at the scheduled reporting time or date.

Download the Application for Special Testing Accommodations Due to Religious Conflict. (pdf)